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Learn about Italian Traditional Food
With My Masterclasses
Have you ever wondered how to hand make Pasta? How to do the perfect Ravioli or an amazing Tiramisu? Now you have the chance to attend my cooking courses.
3.30 hour
Hand Made Lasagna

learn how to make the very traditional lasagna alla bolognese. Starting from the lasagna dough, through the Besciamel and the ragù, finishing with baking them and have your perfect lasagna , to be enjoyed with family and friends. 

Themes of the lesson: 

- making ragù 

- Making the lasagne dough 

- Making Besciamel 

- Assembling lasagna 

- Cooking and tasting


Add a dessert for only €5 extra per person.

3 hour
The World Of Pasta

Did you know you can use more than 10 different types of flour to make pasta? and they all pair with different sauces. If you like pasta, or want to know more about it, this lesson is for you!​

Themes of the lesson:

- Origins of pasta;

- Handmaking of pasta dough;

- Handmaking ravioli (and their sauce);

- Handmaking pasta (and it’s sauce);

- Tasting.


Add a dessert for only €5 extra per person.

2.30 hour
Hand Made Ravioli

Ravioli is a real classic. You can use your imagination and make your own type of ravioli. That’s what we are going to do. I’ll give you some ingredients and we’ll create together your Ravioli. Of course you will have some left to let your family try it!

Themes of the lesson:

- Origins and history of ravioli;

- Different types of ravioli all over Italy;

- Handmaking and tasting your own Ravioli.


Add a dessert for only €5 extra per person.

3 hour
Veg Is Good

Are you or is someone in your family vegetarian? The global consumption of meat is very high, here’s a way to reduce your consumption of meat and fish. Did you know that we have a lot of Italian dishes that are vegetarian?

Themes of the lesson:

- Vegetarian food in Italy (introduction);

-  Veg Antipasti making;

- Pasta dough, pasta, sauce making;

- Veg Dessert making;

- Tasting.


1.30 hour

The king of the Desserts. Impress your family with the perfect tiramisu. We will teach you how to make the perfect texture for it. 

Themes of the lesson:

- History of Tiramisu;

- Variations/serving suggestions;

- Demonstration;

- Partecipants making Tiramisu;

- Tasting.


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