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All Antipasti are served with bread.

Bresaola/Mascarpone Rolls €12
 Thin sliced bresaola (cured dried beef) with rmascarpone cheese, E.V.O. oil, black pepper and chives. Served with brown bread and rocket.

Burrata With Salad €10
Burrata is a creamy cheese from Puglia. I'ts basically a mozzarella sachet, with mozzarella strips and cream inside.served with salad.

Prosciutto & Melone €12
 24Months old Prosciutto di parma DOP with Melon and our home dressing. (Seasonal)

Burrata & Acciughe €10
 Burrata creamy cheese served with salad and cured anchovies fillets.

Panissa Genovese €10
Local ancient street food from Genova. Made from chickpeas, served with salt and pepper. A vegan delight. (V) Vegan



Pesto Accomodato  €14
 Our Signature dish. the REAL Genovese pesto (With only 7 ingrediens), served with potatoes and green beans.

Gnocchi with Cheese Fonduta €14
Gnocchetti (small gnocchi), with italian cheese fondue, guarnished with chives and crushed hazelnuts.

Vegetarian Carbonara €14
Vegetarian version of the iconic dish, made with vegetarian cheese, eggs, fresh baby spinach and blackj pepper.(V)

Mushrooms Boscaiola €14
A white sauce, made with fresh mushrooms, garlic, parsley, and a bit of butter or cream. Tipically from the north of italy.

Pansotti Genovesi with Walnut Sauce €20
Pansotti, are from Liguria Region. they're filled with fresh sour cheese and various herbs. They are served with tasty walnut sauce. (seasonal)


Orecchiette with Burrata and crispy pancetta €16
Orecchiette, typically from Puglia, with burrata and parmesan sauce, black pepper, and (optional) crispy Pancetta on top.

Creamy Asparagus sauce with crispy Ham €16
Creamy asparagus sauce, made with parmesan and shallots, with (optional) crispy parma ham and asparagus tips on top.

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara €16
We only use the ingredients of the real Carbonara. Guanciale, Eggs, Pecorino Romano and a lot of black pepper.

Ragu Alla Bolognese €16
 The authentic slow cooked bolognese Ragu, made with beef/pork meat mix, with tomato sauce, onions, carrots, celery, and wine.


Paccheri with Scampi (Seasonal) €24
A delicate sea dish, with whole scampi, white wine, parsley and black pepper.

Smoked Salmon Pasta €16
Taglierini (thin spaghetti) with smoked salmon, garlic and parsley, in a creamy sauce.

Spicy tomato and Tuna filles pasta €16
High quality MSC Tuna filles,  italian tomato sauce, and a kick of spiceness from cayenne pepper.

Aragosta (Lobster) spaghetti €28
Fresh lobster pasta, with a ligh fish tomato sauce, cognac, and parsley.


All Main Courses are served with bread and a small Complementary Side Salad.

Chicken "Alla Ligure" €18
Bio chicken Breast fillets,  slow cooked with "taggiasche olives", cherry tomatoes, capers and pine nuts. A "Ligurian" delicassy.

Scaloppine Al Vino Bianco €18
Chicken Scaloppine from Piemonte. They have a special texture made from cooking the meat in white wine and flour. Optional Ham on top.

Saltimbocca alla Romana €18
Sanltimbocca means "jumping in the mouth". A typical dish from Rome. Thin beef  slices, rolled with parma ham and sage, casserole cooked.

Sicilian Meatballs €18
Meatballs, made with Bio beef mince, Aubergine, Capers, and cheese. cooked in tomato sauce. (Veg version available)

Scaloppine al Primitivo di manduria €20
Slow cooked beef escalopes with a red wine reduction, mushrooms and lemon zest on top. A perfectly balanced mix of flavours.

Orata "Alla Ligure" €26
Dorade fish fillets, cooked in the "ligurian way" with cherry tomatos, pine nuts, capers and taggiasche olives. a delicate and sophisticated recipe at the same time.

Straccetti con prosciutto e Parmigiano €20
Thin Beef strips, cooked with bayleaf, rosemary, butter, black pepper and white wine. All guarnished with crispy parma ham and Parmigiano Reggiano.

Insalata Caprese With buffalo Mozzarella (V) €18
Caprese salad with high quality buffalo mozzarella and premium italian tomatoes, guarnished with EVO oil, and Fresh Basil

Filetto al pepe verde  €27
High quality beef fillet, cooked in a creamy and peppery sauce


All desserts are Vegetarian

- Boccadasse Special Dessert €8
- Tiramisu (Coffee / Amaretto / Strawberries) €8
- Panna cotta (with fresh berries/Chocolate sauce) €7

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